Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021 school year.

After the challenges of 2020 and the ongoing obstacles we were faced with during the holiday break, let¡¦s hope that 2021 is kinder to us all.

Our School motto of ¡§Quality Education for All¡¨ is promoted and reflected upon across the school. We pride ourselves on our high academic and behavioural standards for all our students. We model and have high expectations of our students and work towards them all maximising their potential learning growth. At all times we need to be reflecting on the work that we do in line with the Department¡¦s vision for every students, which is¡K¡¨together we give every Victorian the best learning and development experience, making our state a smarter, fairer and more prosperous place.¡¨

At Grahamvale we are excited about the 2021 school year and we are looking forward to working on our key priority areas. For 2021 these continue to be to improve literacy and numeracy growth and outcomes for all students. Our focus is also on empowering our students to be confident, self-regulated learners who are actively engaged in their learning and community. In addition to this and after the disrupted 2020 school year, we are also implementing the Departments key priority areas to provide learning catch up and extension programs and we will be building on our Bluearth program to ensure all our students are active and happy and connected to their school.

We pride ourselves on our strong home/school partnerships and we look forward to the continuation of this during the course of the school year.

2020 certainly provided us with some challenges however as a school we continued to rise to these. We have so much to be proud of at Grahamvale and it is certainly a privilege to be the Principal of our great school.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.


Simone Higgins

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